Paperman Memo Block

Enjoy posing the paperman with your message. He's the analog version of an emoji and will showcase your communications by standing, sitting, relaxing or even bowing down for you.


Size L2.0×W3.9×H0.4"
Weight 0.81oz (23g)
Counts 50 sheets
Case Pack 5


  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green


  • Reccomend

    When you reccomend your favorite books

  • Encouragement

    Say "Keep up with your studies!" to your kids!

  • Support

    Let paperman cheer up your colleague with a snack and encouraging message.

  • Anniversaries

    Paperman Memo Blocks are the perfect public relations tool for touching people’s hearts on company anniversaries.


Terms & Conditions


January 1, 2019

To become a paperable wholesaler, Please apply for registration first.

Minimum Order
- 30,000 JPY
- 5 items per SKU (masking tape : 3 items)
Pricing You must have a registered wholesale account with us to receive our price list, which lists EXW prices in Japanese yen.

Not Included :
・Any import duties or taxes of any jurisdiction.
・All shipping costs, charges, fees (including, but not limited to bank remittance fees) and expenses are incurred after delivery.

Payment Terms Full amount by advance payment in Japanese yen
- Paypal
We add a handling charge to the invoice.
- Telegraphic transfer
You are responsible for handling charges.
We deliver internationally via Japan Post.
Note: Other specified carrier costs are handled on an individual basis with the customer.
- Costs
Shipping costs (including insurance and shipping handling fees) are included on each invoice in Japanese yen and vary by total weight, shipping destination and shipping method.
- Handling fee
800 JPY for orders of 30,000 JPY or less
5% for orders of 30,001 JPY or more
- Preparation
Approximately 3-7 days after confirming the deposit was received (days vary by product and quantity ordered)
- EMS Delivery days
Approximately 3-7 days depending on shipping destination.
Click here to check EMS delivery time.
Please consult with us regarding amount ordered.
- Economy Air (SAL)&International ePacket Light
Approximately 2weeks depending on shipping destination. Click here to check SAL delivery time.
Cancellation We do not accept cancellations after orders have been placed.
Inspection & Claims If you discover a shortage, defect or other discrepancy in the shipment you receive, please notify us in writing accompanied by satisfactory evidence within ten (10) days of receiving the products. Following consultation, we will replenish, replace or take whatever measures are necessary to ensure you receive what you ordered.
HS Code 482010