The Paperable Plants series was born from our collaboration
with a university. We wanted the fresh ideas of young
students to take root.

Their ideas were fun, resulting in unique communication
tools that are amusing and cute.

We want to promote such paper communication. But we
also want to protect our trees and forests. So part of
the sales are donated to support forest conservation activities.

Paperman Memo Block

Enjoy posing the paperman with your message. He's the analog version of an emoji and will showcase your communications by standing, sitting, relaxing or even bowing down for you.


Paperman Sticky Memos

Pose the Paperman in whatever way you want, wherever you want. With new colors and patterns, these stickies can use gestures to get your point across. Be more expressive in your messages.


Bashful Faces Sticky Memos

The mellow expressions on these face-shaped stickieswill instantly defuse any tension in a room. You'll have fun with your colleagues or family when you choose a facial expression to go with your message.


Lip Service Sticky Memos

Stick one of these on any object to make it speak for itself! It's up to your sense of humor how you use these stickies. Get creative and imagine what your coffee cup would say if it had a voice.



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