These conceptual postcards and memos are inspired by
traditional Japanese architectural and landscape design.
Kanazawa city boasts many old houses and te mples dating
from the Edo period.
It is also the home of Paperable Company.
The Kanaz awa series is a collaboration between Paperable
and local designers from the burgeon ing arts community.
Their modern interpretation of traditional motifs is
a showcase of creativity and tradition.

Outlook Postcard

The Kanazawa Outlook Postcard is a multifaceted tribute to tradition. In an age of technological communication you are invited to embrace simplicity. These cards will inspire you to gaze, reflect and write down your thoughts and perceptions. Traditional city colors and gilded screens complement these artistic cards.


Letter Paper

Water paintings of famous Kanazawa tourist spots give this letter paper pad a warm touch. Send short messages that evoke the sounds of bustling streets.


Yukitsuri Message Card

Yukitsuri are tipi-like structures made of bamboo poles. They are used to protect carefully pruned trees from winter damage. These elegant yukitsuri-style note cards express the meaningful relationship between a container and the contained.



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