Leaves dancing in the wind. Clouds floating overhead.
Patterns in shells and animal fur. Nature's beauty touches us
for inexplicable reasons.

The world is full of reasons for this and that. But you don't
need a reason to send someone a message.

Relax, listen to your heart and choose what feels right.

Paperable 2nd series memos feel natural in your hand.

Designed by talented creators, they add natural beauty and
color to your messages.

Flower Petal & Leaf Memos

These charming notes are printed on translucent vellum. Soft and delicate, they are perfect for intimate thoughts and sweet messages. Just like a real leaf and a flower petal, they curl up in the warmth of your hand. But don’t worry, the memos flatten out again when left on a desk. The smooth matte surface makes writing easy.

Leaf Memos


Flower Petal Memos


Flower Petal &
Leaf Sticky Memos

Say it with flower petal and leaf stickies! The nature-inspired hues and delicate textures create the impression that you're writing on the real thing. Inject some color into your calendar reminders to brighten up your day!

Leaf Sticky Memos


Flower Petal
Sticky Memos


100 Flowers Memo Block

One pad contains 100 flowers. If you are too shy to send real flowers, send a message with a flower memo.


Shell Cards

Imagine if you could send a message using beautiful shells collected from a beach. With these tropical-colored shell cards, a message such as “Thinking of you”might also convey the sound of waves on the shore.



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