Offering value to customers in line with the times
as a communication media company.


Our corporate philosophy is to"Make Work
Fun and

In essence, we want our work to liberate customers and ourselves alike. This means helping customers and society, achieving our goals and contributing to the resolution of issues facing the environment and society. To attain such goals, we must accurately grasp problems, challenges and their interrelations in an organized manner, then use our knowledge and skills to sincerely provide goods and services that meet every requirement that arises. Each day, we push forward to create pleasant communication media in pursuit of our goals.


We were established in 1918 as Yamakoshi Tokuji Store. Our business later shifted from sales of washi and tissue paper to printing and sales of stationery goods. Today, we handle diverse products and services including the production of digital media content and the sales and production of original stationery.
In 2013, we launched our new "Liberating Communication Company" corporate vision, which calls for every product and service to deliver pleasant communication. This means all of our products and services are designed to fulfill this purpose, as well increase sales.
Even as our organization and tools evolve, our fundamental goal of supporting human communication through printing and stationery will remain the same. In 2018, in celebration of our 100th anniversary, we renewed our resolution to become a "communication media maker" and continue to create liberating communication tools that make people smile now and into the next century.


Company Name Yamakoshi Co.,Ltd.
Head Office Location Ru-70-1 Segi-machi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa
920-0001 JAPAN
TEL +81-76-257-9101 GoogleMap
Founded March 1918
Established April 1952
CEO Toshio Yamakoshi